Frequently Asked Questions

Is ShipScout compatible with my Shopify theme?

ShipScout should work with every Shopify theme. If you are seeing an issue with your theme please contact us at and we will help you out.

Is ShipScout compatible with Shopify Scripts?

Yes. You can do some pretty cool stuff with Shopify Scripts and ShipScout rates are visible to a Script just like any other shipping rate. You can identify a ShipScout shipping rate in a Shopify Script by checking the "source" property which will be "ShipScout".

Can I restrict which destinations I offer ShipScout shipping rates in?

Yes, when you set up the test in ShipScout select the appropriate zones and that test's rates will only be offered to shipping destinations in those countries/provinces. If you modify a Shipping Zone in Shopify it will not change the destinations of any already-created ShipScout tests.

Can I restrict which products get offered ShipScout rates?

No, not currently.

But if you are on Shopify Plus and would like to exclude some products from ShipScout shipping rates you could achieve this with some product tags and a Shipping Shopify Script like the one below. But, make sure you have rates for these items provided by Shopify or another shipping app.

# default enable ShipScout rates
shipscout_rates_enabled = true
# check for any products tagged with "heavy"
Input.cart.line_items.each do |line_item|
if line_item.variant.product.tags.include?('heavy')
shipscout_rates_enabled = false
# hide ShipScout shipping rates
if shipscout_rates_enabled === false
Input.shipping_rates.delete_if do |shipping_rate|
shipping_rate.source === 'ShipScout'
Output.shipping_rates = Input.shipping_rates

How can I show a top bar advertising the free shipping rate or threshold to a visitor?

In the ShipScout dashboard you can configure a top bar without needing to write any code.

You can also use the Javascript SDK to display the current threshold and/or shipping rate for the test the user is in.

Note that this will be displayed to all users, even ones outside the zones of the test. This is because we don't know a visitor's shipping destination until they enter it during checkout.

Can I continue to offer some other shipping rates (e.g. Expedited Shipping) along with the ShipScout rates?

Yes. Just leave those other rates enabled and they will appear alongside the ShipScout rate.

Is ShipScout compatible with Shopify checkout apps?

It should be, yes. ShipScout uses Shopify's CarrierService API to provide shipping rates

I am seeing some strange "_sc" text on my cart page and other places on my website

Most themes should hide hidden line item properties that start with an underscore. But if you see it you will need to modify your cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid (or any other file) to include a check for hidden line item properties.

Example liquid:

{%- for p in properties -%}
{%- unless p.last == blank or p.last-%}
{{ p.first }}:{{ p.last }}
{%- endunless -%}
{%- endfor -%}

Change it to check for hidden properties:

{%- for p in properties -%}
{%- unless p.last == blank or p.first == "_sc" -%}
{{ p.first }}:{{ p.last }}
{%- endunless -%}
{%- endfor -%}

Is ShipScout compatible with other Shopify shipping apps?

ShipScout will not modify shipping rates provided by other Shopify shipping apps. This means if you have another app providing shipping rates they will appear alongside the ShipScout shipping rates. This will likely confuse customers so we recommend disabling other shipping rates while running a ShipScout test. However, there are cases where you might want to keep these other rates active, like if one of them is an "Expedited Shipping" rate or you are also offering UPS rate-shopped rates and you'd like all of these paid options to appear alongside the ShipScout rates.

If I don't have any tests live will ShipScout still show customers a shipping rate?

Yes, it can if you enable the Default Shipping Rate in ShipScout.

Will the same customer see a different ShipScout shipping rate when they re-visit the website?

Every visitors device is tracking using Cookies and as long as they are on the same device they will see the same shipping rate for the entire lifetime of a ShipScout test. If somebody visits on their phone and then on their laptop they can be placed in different variants. However, if a visitor returns to the website via and abandoned cart email link on a different device, they will see the same shipping rate they originally saw.

Why are customers getting free shipping even though they aren't spending enough to meet the free shipping threshold?

This is most likely because of discount codes. By way of example: You set free shipping for orders $50 and above. A customer completes checkout on a $44 order and gets free shipping. The threshold is calculated *before* discounts are applied so if the customer had a $55 order they qualified for free shipping even if though they applied a 20% discount code at checkout bringing their total down to $44.

This is not always ideal even though it averages out and still creates accurate test results. The reason for this behavior is that Shopify does not pass shipping apps like ShipScout any details on the discounts applied.

Does ShipScout use discount codes to provide different shipping rates?


This is important because Shopify only allows the use of 1 discount code at a time so if we used discount codes then your visitors would not be able to use any other discount code.